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Our departure.....

I am enclosing a review I recently posted to make parents aware of the lack of care and safety concern Sonshine Learning Center in Garner had for our children.

My concern is that SLC new administration is not equipped or has very little knowledge on plan of action or how to approach parents to get intervention. We have chosen not to be a part of their experimental redevlopment. The parent(s) of the child(involved needs to know that SLC did not express the seriousness of this behavior until the incident on September 22, 2010. I was called to pick up my child who had no plan of acton in place or proper intervention and who had angered a parent to the point of threatening to remove their child. Talking about being blind-sided. The staff has since admitted to putting aside request for intervention form a teacher who has never dealt with such behavior due to "things" coming up. What is more important than the safety and well being of the kids you care for? The phone conversation I had about the incident was poor and in the time of cooling down, I decided that this was not the type of care I wanted for my child. I contacted other centers and found spots for the next week and decided he was not going to return to SLC. I attended a follow up meeting to get an idea on just how they had handled the situation and an exit letter with no future obligations. Approaching a meeting knowing my decision was made was hard , but something I had to do. I had to for myself and others involved to see what level of care and tact had been used. SLC was looking for a way to save face. Pointing out all the incidents and their need to protect the children...where was this concern before the angry parent? They produced 17 incident reports and admitted to not properly addresing them with us. I helped by finally lettting them know we had another center and they could clear their "book". SLC did not have to go to parents and explain they had not properly handled the situation and need to now start a course of intervention with my child. They failed our child and also the little girl who was bitten.... I will apologize for our not knowing and hope that SLC will do the same for their lack of support and concern to both children. Oh, here is the gutter, I was reminded in my exit letter that if my child got the therapy and intervention he needs SLC would be inviting to us in the future. WHEN *** FREEZES!!!

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We have cared for many kids and currently have 5 which are all in some type of childcare setting. We used this facility for about 2 years. The way we were treated by the "new" administration was horrible and I have never experienced this type of ego-oriented type of communicaton from any center and did not expect such from a church ran facility . Our child had incident reports that staff admits to not properly documenting or addressing until there was a complaint and threat of removal by a parent over an incident. SLC program pastor admitted that she believed I knew of seriousness and apologized for assuming so in that I had not been made aware of exactly where things were. The center admitted "tabling" request from teacher for intervention and not knowing how to deal with behavior. Not knowing the level of concern we were not able to seek intervention for our child and work with SLC because of the angry parent and their concern of future incidents with the child causing parent to withdraw. What about the fact you neglected givivg us a chance to correct behavor? Does our child not matter? Are we not held at the same worth? If SLC had expressed concerns or sought resources earlier it would of allowed us to seek intervention before a major incident and a child being injured. Not only did they slight us, they endangered all other kids in the class by not addressing problem properly. Deciding to remove our child came with the phone call for pickup for the incident and the way the situation was presented to us in follow up meeting in which SLC was clearly trying to make sure they looked after the other parents concerns and not having admit to them they failed this situaton and the safety of their child from the beginning by allowing us to set up a plan of intervention. SLC approach and resolution was anything but "by the book" - Oh!! The incident is 2 year old biting and having temper "fits". Not behavior a childcare facilty should be equipped to handle, right. Well at least not this one. I think God has us atop his list allowing us to see this for what it was and giving us another center which is ready to help us. By the way once we get the intervention in place and the behavior under control SLC will be glad to re-enroll us. Are you kidding me!!!

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